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There is much to do around nepnieuws. Questionable parties spread a lot of nepnieuws on the internet and companies like Facebook are even actively fighting against this kind of news. It is often difficult to determine what nepnieuws is and what really is news and if you are using your own browser, surfing the web, you will not soon find. With WorldBrain will succeed, although the plugin focuses on scientific news. With this open source plugin you can see immediately whether a news article, blog post or any other form of scientific news is correct or incorrect. This is a special system has been developed, that a verification is run on millions of websites and so, you immediately know you're dealing with nepnieuws or not.

WorldBrain is completely free to use and as a plugin to add it to Chrome.

The fact that something is online does not mean that it is true. Especially on the internet, it is very easy to just put everything down and it is difficult to find out whether the information is correct.

WorldBrain is a plugin that has all the facts for you to check. That is convenient for everyone, but the plugin is, in part, developed for researchers, scientists, bloggers, student, librarian, and wetenschapsjournalisten, who want to know how it really is. WorldBrain is intended for anyone who is online a lot doing research and notes. You should use your browser, the bookmarks of your browser, and services like Evernote or Google Docs. WorldBrain leave you with many different resources to do research and acts even as a kind of search engine, which you understand to services such as Evernote, Facebook, Google Docs and more search.

From the website of the provider you are adding WorldBrain with a simple click add to Chrome. Then, it is possible to make the plugin as a kind of search engine to use. To search click on the shortcut, w+space or tab+your search term in your browser. The results then appear like your regular search engine, with the difference that now the logo of the BrainWorld. You are searching for easy time and it is possible to have certain words to exclude in the search.

Know the plugin which sites on a black list, allowing you to know whether the articles are true or not true, and you have to import your own history easy in this service, so you direct all of your results together.

With WorldBrain you know not only whether certain articles are correct, but it is possible to quickly look at all the bookmarks, pdf files, Evernote notes and more that you have ever visited and read. WorldBrain makes all sorts of associations for your when you create a search term filled. All data are saved locally and will make your computer not leave. Because WorldBrain, of course, is committed to your privacy and online security.

WorldBrain , has the following characteristics:

  • software recognizes nepnieuws on the internet,
  • as a plugin to add it to Chrome,
  • or see an article or blog post is true or not true,
  • search your bookmarks, Evernote notes,or pdf files,
  • has a convenient search function
  • works with a black list for websites.

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You can free download WorldBrain and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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