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A good racing game on your computer is always fun. Rigs or Rods (RoR) is such a game. Rigs or Rods is a 3D voertuigsimulator, which allows you to virtually drive it in a car or truck, sailing in a boat or flying in an airplane. You are driving a range of vehicles, where the way that in real life happens as well as possible is simulated. You driving, sailing or flying in different environments and it all looks lifelike. In that sense, hear, this game is home to games such as Grand Theft Auto, although that graphic a little better developed.

Rigs or Rods is a free open source program, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

When you begin with the installation of the program is the default language on English, which is handy. During the install it will ask you whether you have a special package with content to help install and that is useful, because it gives more possibilities. There are over 2000 mods for Rigs or Rods to download.

If you play the game then once it has booted, it is possible to get out of a map or environment to choose, and then click on 'OK'. The program loads in the field, and then your avatar, that is actually the default avatar of RoR is, a vehicle may choose. You can see and hear the vehicle, and then in the game, and at the bottom of your screen, you'll find the dashboard, such that there is a real car, boat, or plane look.

Then you can navigate through the site. Driving and steering is done with the arrow keys and if necessary with your mouse. It is possible to have a car or boat with your mouse to pick up and somewhere else to put down and it is possible to use multiple vehicles at the same time in the game. It just feels like you really are in the vehicle and that is based on soft-body physics, so you really get the movements and damage to a vehicle if really are experiencing and look like the real thing. For this purpose, use was made of Beam, a soft-body physics engine, which has certain points in the network it connects to. All vehicles are real-time simulated.

Everything you do has an impact on the course of the game, and the game and the environments are easy to extend with special game-scripts.

If you want to change settings or create a new site, you can do that in the drop-down menu at the top of your screen. Rigs or Rods is a fun-type Sandbox game, in which players freely roam in a virtual world. You have all the freedom to do what you want.

Because the game is open source, it's quite easy to have your own vehicle designs in the game. Rigs or Rods ensures for hours of fun.

Rigs or Rods has the following characteristics:

  • free computer racing game,
  • available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux,
  • there are over 2000 mods to download,
  • choice from a variety of fields, cards, or countries,
  • move yourself in a car, truck, boat, plane or race car,
  • works based on soft-body physics Is completely open source,
  • operation is done with the arrow keys or your mouse.

Rigs or Rods screenshots

screenshot-Rigs of Rods-1
screenshot-Rigs of Rods-2

You can free download Rigs of Rods and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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