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Which used to be a text file, by default, is now very much made use of pdf files. But sometimes you run against restrictions, and you have a reader for needed. Soda PDF 3D Reader is one of the most interesting and extensive pdf-readers of the time. This program can deal with all pdf files and even with files as epub and cbr and cbz. The best part however, is that Soda PDF 3D Reader is a pdf scroll as if it were a real book. Just like in a book, turn the pages to. You do that by on the edge of a page, and so in order to save.

Soda PDF 3D Reader is a free program, available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Soda PDF 3D Reader makes reading a pdf file is a completely new experience. The application makes use of special 3D techniques for a page to save, so just seems like you are in a real book to browse. In addition, many functions similar to Adobe Reader. Soda PDF 3D Reader looks modern and organized and reads very nicely. You have to first register for free, to all the options of the reader to use. When installing, you must just watch out that you do not junk parts to install, such as a annoying toolbar.

At the top of the reader you will find all the options and settings. You read a file page by page or choose the full screen mode. You not only reads pdf files with this program, it is also very suitable for digital comic books, for which the cbr - and cbz-supports files, magazines, documents, and digital books. Reading a file is simple. Open the simply in the program, after which it is displayed, and you begin.

In addition to reading print you easy access to a pdf file search a file search on keywords or phrases. Furthermore, Soda PDF 3D Reader the possibility to a pdf-file to edit, so you texts, customize, add or move, and for this to several other file formats to convert, such as html, jpeg, excel, powerpoint, or text file. Vice versa works the same way and put different file formats to pdf file. Furthermore, it is easy to create a screenshot with Soda PDF 3D Reader, for which you select a region. The print ends up on the clipboard of your computer.

The 3D mode offers a nice way of reading, but if you do not need this mode and at a different time. It is one of the most comprehensive pdf readers, so not limited to only read and edit pdf-files.

Soda PDF 3D Reader has the following features:

  • free PDF reader,
  • available for Windows and Mac OS X,
  • can deal with all possible file formats, including epub, cbr and cbz,
  • browse through a file as if you through a real book, browse,
  • provides a pleasant reading experience,
  • edit a pdf file,
  • convert pdf files to other file formats, or vice versa.

Soda PDF 3D Reader screenshots

screenshot-Soda PDF 3D Reader-1
screenshot-Soda PDF 3D Reader-2

You can free download Soda PDF 3D Reader and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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