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The name SpaceSniffer might sound less interesting than the program itself, so do not be fooled. SpaceSniffer is no program to annoying odors to recognize, but to get access to the hard drive of your computer. With this program you will quickly find out which files or folders quite a lot of space on your disk and how much disk space you have free. Per folder or file, you will see all the useful details and information and because the program real-time works, you see immediately when a folder is larger, it is for example, if you copy a file, or add it to your hard drive.

SpaceSniffer is a free program that is only available for Windows.

It happens so that your hard drive volstroomt with data and software, without you there really has. That's too bad, because this is your system slower. It is advisable to have your space to map and, where necessary, free up space.

SpaceSniffer gives the space on your drive the graphic and visual and looks therefore pretty sober and simple. This is a so-called Treemap is used, a method in which it is easy to see what the large files are. Maybe you have to get used to, but that passes quickly and then the program works very well. The application displays the folders and files on your system faces, what is quite clear is. Therefore different colors are used. The larger a plane is, the more space a file or folder on your disk are taking.

If you SpaceSniffer start, then it is possible to direct a scan of your hard drive. You select the drive you want to scan, and then press 'Start' button. The program then analyses the entire disk. It is possible to do a hard disk scan, or an external hard drive or usb stick. Then appear the files and folders as a kind of map in the brown and blue areas in the program. It is possible to zoom in and out on the planes and if you put your mouse over the faces moves, you can see all the details.

SpaceSniffer has a handy filter feature, which allows you to specific file formats that you want to scan. The results are categorized by file type, size, and date and with the search function you can search by keyword for files or folders. Files with a simple mouse click to delete and you do that with your right mouse button.

SpaceSniffer is an extremely effective program that your hard disk space. You download the program as a zip file and installing is not necessary. You only have to pick up and turn on your system. The appearance of the program is to customize.

SpaceSniffer has the following characteristics:

  • reflects the disk space on your hard disk drive,
  • available for free for Windows,
  • install is not necessary,
  • scans the selected hard drive,
  • all files and directories appear as search results in a type of chart,
  • view by file or folder, the useful information
  • delete files or folders directly from within the program.

SpaceSniffer screenshots


You can free download SpaceSniffer and safe install the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) from the official site.

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